Radial Pulse Wave/Shockwave Therapy in Fishers IN

Chiropractic Fishers IN Radial Therapy

Radial Pressure Wave (RPW) in Fishers IN, also known as Shockwave, is a therapy that utilizes ultrasound (focused ultrasonic energy) to stimulate the body's natural healing capability. By sending high-energy acoustic waves into the area of complaint, this treatment works to stimulate new cell growth in the body's tissues.

How Can Radial Pulse Therapy help in Fishers IN?

Shockwave therapy has been used since the 1990s, when it was used to treat individuals with kidney stones. Through this initial purpose for treatment with shockwave therapy, doctors found that this therapy seemed to positively affect the bone and soft tissue by accelerating healing. They started conducting further research on this finding - and now we know that RPW therapy can help with a myriad of different conditions.

Research conducted since the 1990s shows that the RPW can be especially effective in the treatment of inflammation and chronic pain. Below are some possible benefits of RPW2 therapy.

  • Can Reduce Inflammation - Sound waves promote increased mast cell activity. Mast cells work to combat inflammation.
  • Can Increase Collagen Production
  • Can Improve Blood Flow - By encouraging the body to create new blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis)
  • Can Reduce Calcification - Sound waves can break up calcium buildup in tendons, which is then absorbed or expelled naturally.
  • Can Relax Trigger Points
  • Can Reduce Scar Tissue

Research regarding the RPW/Shockwave Therapy:

Some conditions treatable with RPW/Shockwave Therapy:

  1. Plantar Fascitis
  2. Shoulder Pain
  3. Hip Pain
  4. Jumper's Knee
  5. Tennis Elbow
  6.  Golfer's Elbow
  7. Tendinopathies & Tendinitis
  8. Trochanteric Bursitis
  9. Trigger Finger
  10. Heel Spurs


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